The First Ever Preventative Skin Care System Designed Specifically for People with Limb Loss, Diabetes and At-Risk Skin

The VitalFitSR Clinical Skin Care System was designed by dermatologists with significant input from clinicians, to help you maintain healthy skin when used as directed daily.  These products contain a unique blend of ingredients that reduces the potential for inflammation, bacteria and odor  – and when used together in your daily skin hygiene routine, will cleanse and moisturize your skin.

"Over the last 10 days I was out guiding, I average around 6,700 steps a day. Using the Vitalfit skin system I did not have any skin break down or chafing at all! Truly remarkable product. My past experience with this kind of walking/hiking I would have worn skin areas due to my prosthesis rubbing."


I’m a transfemoral amputee of 12 years. I wear my leg for the majority of the day and it doesn’t get much time out of the socket. I used the VitalFit skin care system for some time until my skin seemed well enough, so I stopped…after a few weeks, I started getting some dry itchy red spots on my leg. I started using the skin care system again and it cleared up the dry, itchy, redness in no time! I will definitely be using this daily as a preventative from here on out! Also, the “Liquid to Powder Plus” lotion is GOLD for preventing perspiration! I’m also a certified prosthetist and I highly recommend this product for all of my patients!


"I am just now over 3 years as a RBKA and I have tried many different products to help with my many skin problems and with sweating during the day wearing my prosthetic liner and leg. I was introduced to Vitalfit SR skin care system at The National Amputee Coalition Conference in San Antonio, TX in July 2019 and I decided to try it. I would have to say Wow what an amazing product, I have being using Vitalfit SR skin care system now for over 2 months and I have seen an overwhelming difference within the first few days in my skin care from the itching to very little or no sweating in my liner during the day, as I am a very active amputee every day. I have seen so many positive changes in my skin health. I use the 4 step skin care system every day, Daily Cleanser, Day Moisturizer, Liquid-to-Powder Plus, Night Moisturizer. In Closing if any Amputee is thinking about trying the Vitalfit SR skin care system it is a must try and a game changer in the overall health of your limb. I am So Happy that Vitalfit SR came into my life now."


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“I am an above the knee amputee and started using the VitalFitSR skin care system this past Spring.  It has eliminated all my skin breakouts and rashes on my residual limb!  I really love the Liquid -to-Powder - it absorbs the sweat and stops my liner from drifting down when I am active.  I live in Alaska and do a lot of hiking in the mountains!  The customer service of the company is terrific - friendly and always helpful.  And the shipping!? Super fast! Overall, a very impressive company & product.  Thank you for making my  life as an amputee better and easier."