Private Label, Dermatologist Formulated, Skin Care Products

We can make a product, branded with your chosen name, that is similar to one of our current formulas that we manufacture or we can design something completely different. To accomplish this, we have developed the following turn-key process for creating products:

  • Conceptualization of product line - we work with you to figure out the best approach and configuration of your product offering, what should be in the line, not and etc.

  • Dermatologist formulated - our dermatologists work with our team of chemists to create the perfect formula for your line and test it in our offices. They will continually keep you abreast of new trends in the industry and tell you when an ingredient change is in order or needed.

  • Packaging, design - we work with you to find the right bottles, pumps, boxes to deliver the product and help you with label design. We source all the components through our trusted primary suppliers.

  • Manufacturing - we provide all necessary stages (mixing, filling capping, coding, labeling, packaging, shipping, etc.)

  • Secondary Packaging - Retailers and manufacturing companies require various types of packaging to get items to their destination. The appearance of packaging plays a pivotal role in how consumers handle and view a product, and the way you choose to market a product and ship orders for display might be the difference between someone purchasing your merchandise over the competition.

  • Logistics - we store all of our raw & finished goods at our warehouse and ship throughout the entire USA.

Man in Laboratory.
Manufacturing Machines.

 Close up of skin care manufacturing line.

 Secondary Packaging Rendering.

Logistics: Fork lift truck in warehouse.

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